The Modern Brighton and Hove map is a guide to architecture in Brighton and Hove and its close surrounds built in the last 100 years, including Brutalist, Modernist, Art Deco and contemporary architecture. Alongside the map is a programme of guided tours of routes through the city.

As Brighton and Hove looks back at times of rapid development, sees around it in the present pockets of substantial regeneration, and faces vital issues of housing and growth, the Modern Brighton and Hove map functions as an asset for the current city to act both as a record of the city’s modern era architecture, as well as a prompt to debate, and as a legacy for the future city.

The two-sided map illustrates over 50 examples of modern architecture across the city, those that are celebrated and listed for their architectural significance, those that go unrecognised, and those that are signalling new ways of living, from Modernist Embassy Court and Saltdean Lido, to Brutalist Hove Town Hall and Brighton Centre and Odeon, and contemporary builds such as the Diggers, the Earthship and the Greenway Houses.


The map is available to buy from this site and is sold in shops in Brighton and Hove. 

The team

The Modern Brighton project team comprises: Dr Cara Courage, urban researcher and placemaker; Paul Zara, director, Conran&Partners; Jim Stephenson, architectural photographer; and Richard Wolfstrome, designer and placemaker. Jim is responsible for the images for the map, Richard, the design. 

Special thanks are due to architects Duncan Baker-Brown, BBM Sustainable Design, and Elly Ward for their curatorial expertise; to map illustrator Geoff Haddon; to Lela Tredwell for editorial; and to map illustrator Geoff Haddon. Extra photos no. 40 Richard Chivers, nos. 6, 19, 29 Paul Zara and no. 34 Visual Air.

The map is supported by RIBA Sussex Branch and its tours by RSA Brighton and Hove.