The List.

The buildings featured on the map are those considered by the team and the curatorial panel to be exemplars of modern architecture in the city of Brighton and Hove. Its not an exhaustive list by far however and as new buildings are commissioned and built continuosuly in the city, and as buildings are torn down, the map of the furture Brighton and Hove could look substantailly different. 


Modernist and Art Deco

1 - 4 Grand Avenue

Murrell & Pigott (1938)
Originally designed as a residence for gentlemen, this Grade II block has a wide elegant entrance
lobby, with back stairs for staff use.


2 - 34 Wicklands Avenue 

Connell, Ward & Lucas (1934)
Strictly speaking this Corbusier-inspired house is outside the Brighton boundary. This is the last
remaining of three in-situ concrete houses.

EmbassyCt_JimStephenson-5 WebRes.jpg

3 - Embassy Court

Wells Coates (1935)
Well Coates’ seafront masterpiece was home to the stars. On completion it was the South Coast’s most luxurious Grade II*
apartment block.


4 - Freemasons 

John Denman (1929)
With blue and copper frontage and Masonic symbols, it’s hard to miss this Grade II pub on the main Hove road.


5 - Furze Croft

Toms & Partners (1936)
These luxury Art Deco flats in leafy Hove are very ‘Poirot’.


6 - Saltdean Lido 

Richard Jones (1938)
The only Grade II* listed lido in the country, its distinctive curved form makes a striking statement.